Monica Marks
Feb 6, 2018

Staff Speech Pathologist Washington DC VA Medical Center



This position is located in the Audiology & Speech service at the Washington DC VA Medical Center. The speech-language pathologist at this level conducts, plans, and coordinates all clinical and administrative aspects of a full range of services associated with contemporary speech-language pathology practice.

The incumbent is responsible for independent diagnostic assessment and evaluation of cases that are referred to Speech-Language Pathology without limitation as to difficulty or complexity. The incumbent will be responsible for conducting interviews with the patients and appropriate family members and/or friends, selects, administering and interpreting the diagnostic test necessary to detect and evaluate any type of speech, language, voice, fluency, cognitive, and/or swallowing disorders. The incumbent will manage and provide highly specialized care for OEF/OJF/OND veterans suffering from traumatic brain injury (TB!) or other conditions affecting their ability to communicate; coordinate care with care provided by other disciplines and health care professionals on the team, measure and document the effectiveness of the provided intervention; and other supportive activities as they relate to delivery of services (e.g., family counseling, prescribe and order communication devices, train veterans to use communication devices, etc.). When possible, the speech-language pathologist will also provide services as needed to other non-OEF/OIF/OND veteran populations routine!)' served by Speech-Language Pathology, including patients suffering from dysphagia, aphasia, dysarthria, dysphonia, and dementia as a result of neurological (e.g., stroke) problems or surgery (e.g., resulting from cancer). These patients may be inpatients of the Medical Center or the Community Living Center or outpatients.

The incumbent is responsible for the adequacy of assessment and for the reporting of the findings to other professional workers with whom he/she or other members of the speech-language pathology service may cooperate in formulating diagnostic and clinical judgments; assessing patient condition from close observation and consultation with other members of the inter-disciplinary health care team; and utilizing all diagnostic and evaluative procedures and techniques consistent with contemporary speech-language pathology practice. The incumbent will be an active participant on the Polytrauma Interdisciplinary Team and attend weekly team meetings and family meetings.

Incumbent is responsible for planning, conducting, coordinating, and monitoring the effectiveness and clinical outcomes ofpatient­ centered treatment and rehabilitative services to maximize and restore to the greatest extent possible physical and social functioning.

The incumbent develops an effective and comprehensive plan of care for swallowing disorders in collaboration with other health care practitioners; establishes and maintains an effective therapy relationship with the patient, family and caregivers; and adjusts treatment plan to patient response and indicators of progress.

Incumbent will complete all documentation in accordance with facility policy. The incumbent will be expected to attend regular staff meetings and interdisciplinary health care team meetings as appropriate, review policies and procedures, and attend in-service training.

The incumbent will be responsible for supervising and mentoring student trainees in speech-language pathology and maintaining liaisons with affiliated colleges and universities.

Work Schedule: Monday through Friday 7:30am-4:00pm

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  • Monica Marks
    Oct 29
  • Monica Marks
    Oct 14

    This position requires a doctoral or master's degree in Communicative Sciences and Disorders, Speech and Hearing Sciences, Audiology, or equivalent, as well as certification by ASHA (CCC-SLP or CCC-A). Details and application procedures can be viewed here: Questions can be directed to Dr. Sonja Molfenter (Search Committee Chair) at
  • Monica Marks
    Sep 14

    New York Neurogenic SLP on the Upper West Side is hiring for the role of Supervising SLP. The primary role for this clinician is to not only manage a full time schedule of patients but to provide direct supervision and clinical education for graduate students from across the country. Experience working with kids and adults is an absolute requirement. CCC-SLP at least 9 months post CF. The clinician's caseload has students assigned to approximately 85% of cases, therefore the candidate needs to have strong organizational skills, mentoring skills, clinical confidence, inter-professional skills, and the desire to help shape future clinicians. Interested candidates, email:
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