Apr 15, 2018

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Duties of this position include, but are not limited to, the following: 1. The incumbent functions as an independent practitioner, responsible for determining the nature, type and severity of communication and swallowing disorders in individuals referred for evaluation, without limitation as to difficulty or complexity. 2. Conducts interviews with patients and appropriate family members, caregivers and/or friends. 3. Selects, administers and interprets appropriate diagnostic tests and instrumental assessments necessary for the detection and evaluation of a variety of speech, language, voice, cognition or swallowing disorders. This includes the ability to perform and interpret modified barium swallow studies/video fluoroscopic swallow evaluations. 4. Is responsible for the adequacy of assessments and for the accurate reporting of findings to patients served as well as to other professionals with whom members of the speech pathology program may cooperate in formulating diagnostic conclusions and therapeutic intervention strategies. 5. Plans, coordinates and implements a full range of patient-focused treatment programs and therapy regimens to resolve or minimize speech, language, vo ice, cognition or swallowing-related disorders. 6. Establishes appropriate long-and short-term goals and treatment objectives. 7. Routinely assesses progress in therapy and adjusts treatment goals and therapeutic strategies in response to observed progress. 8. Consults with physicians and other health care providers in the evaluation and treatment process. 9. Establishes and maintains an effective therapeutic, educational and counseling relationship with the patient, the patient's family and the patient's caregivers. 10. Documents in the medical record, the results of the evaluation including diagnosis and clinical opinion as well as the treatment plan, outcomes of treatment, changes in functional status and patient and family education. 11. Attends and participates in interdisciplinary team meetings where the overall needs of the patient are addressed. 12. Provides inter- and intra-disciplinary in-services to other health care providers. 13. Assists in orientation and training of new staff. 14. Performs other related duties as assigned.

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    Oct 29
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    This position requires a doctoral or master's degree in Communicative Sciences and Disorders, Speech and Hearing Sciences, Audiology, or equivalent, as well as certification by ASHA (CCC-SLP or CCC-A). Details and application procedures can be viewed here: Questions can be directed to Dr. Sonja Molfenter (Search Committee Chair) at
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    Sep 14

    New York Neurogenic SLP on the Upper West Side is hiring for the role of Supervising SLP. The primary role for this clinician is to not only manage a full time schedule of patients but to provide direct supervision and clinical education for graduate students from across the country. Experience working with kids and adults is an absolute requirement. CCC-SLP at least 9 months post CF. The clinician's caseload has students assigned to approximately 85% of cases, therefore the candidate needs to have strong organizational skills, mentoring skills, clinical confidence, inter-professional skills, and the desire to help shape future clinicians. Interested candidates, email:
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